Live Immune Class Nov 2022

Virtual Program


Join Ali Miller RD in a jam-packed hour LIVE webinar on Functional Approaches to Immune Health including 1-hour webinar + nutritional supplement and lifestyle immune protocol + 5 immune boosting recipes

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Your LIVE Immune webinar includes:

  • How the Immune System operates and key organs of concern
  • Risk factors for illness
  • Why we don't "treat" a fever
  • Key nutrients to prevent and manage infection
  • Supplement essentials and how to stock your medicine cabinet


Join Ali Miller RD, LD, CDE and Becki Yoo, MS, RD, LD for a jam-packed hour focusing on optimal immune health. Ali and Becki will talk about how the immune system works, areas of focus to enhance immune response, food-as-medicine and supplement solutions. They will share successful protocols used in the Naturally Nourished clinic through pandemic and beyond.

Participants will have an opportunity to submit their questions and these will be incorporated into the class.

You will leave this class feeling confident and empowered to nourish your family through cold, flu, and viral season!

    Course Access

    This is a short term virtual program. It will not have a back end dashboard on the website.  More information to follow on the live classes and forum access. 

    No refunds, no exchanges on virtual programs. 

    Live Immune Class Nov 2022

    Virtual Program