Women's Wellness Workshop

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Join us for a day in the hill country to focus on fortitude and fluidity. How can we focus on maintaining or optimizing the frame of our body while working to maintain a positive spirit and roll with or pivot through the punches. This workshop will include a focus on gut and immune health, the role of hormones and adrenals, as well as how to troubleshoot keto, fasting and more!

Be inspired on how you can use food as medicine and enjoy the experience to connect with like minded individuals working to find fluidity and fortitude during trying times. Leave empowered knowing where to dig deeper in areas of imbalance and how to continue to support the successes. 

Saturday, December 4th, 3-9pm

The Bell House - Wimberley, TX 

Address for event: 300 River Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676

Event includes:

  • 2 hours of lecture
  • 1 hour of interactive workshop breakouts 
  • Charcuterie and wine tasting during intimate Q&A
  • 2 hour cooking class
  • 4 course food-as-medicine dinner
  • Swag bag at $100+ value

We will cover the Gut-immune connection, Adrenal-hormone balance, Fasting, Keto, and Metabolic Flexibility, and more! Featuring 4 courses with local farm-to-table approach with quality sourcing and food-as-medicine balance. Grab a girlfriend and make a weekend of it in this adorable Texas small town!

Women's Wellness Workshop