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Welcome to The Naturally Nourished Clinic! We believe optimal health and wellness is paramount to quality of life. It is often hard to decipher how or when we may have lost it and gotten off track. Ali and Becki are committed to helping you find your way back to optimal wellness learning how to thrive vs. simply survive!
We have worked with thousands of clients serving to address the root causes of chronic conditions and resolution of stubborn symptoms. Our approach is unique as we take a thorough patient initial consultation which leads to a customized functional medicine approach and protocol.  In our interventions we use advanced labs and strong clinical trends to develop a therapeutic diet and targeted nutritional supplementation plan for an individualized template that creates sustainable results.
If you are dealing with an undesired symptom or condition, not getting desired outcomes with current treatment, or just know there is room to improve your health; an initial consultation with Naturally Nourished is the way to take your health to the next level!
Wherever you are, food-as-medicine is at your fingertips. We consult with clients via Zoom or phone. Our virtual practice will work with you in order to obtain successful wellness outcomes from anywhere. It’s easy to get started!

Work with Us! 

We are passionate about getting to the root cause of health imbalances and working as a detective of the body to put together commonly overlooked pieces. Our individualized approach helps clients take their health to the next level for both symptom resolution and resilience. 

All new clients require an initial consultation. During this thorough 90-minute session we will explore your medical history and truly work to understand the story of your body and drivers of your current conditions. We will discuss our assessment and intervention plans with you and then set up a protocol that works to best fit your needs. 

If you know you want to get started you can accelerate your booking by pre-purchasing an initial consultation. This can be purchased as an Initial 90-minute consultation or as 3-Steps to Success, our entry package which includes an initial consultation and two 45-minute follow-ups. 

Click here to complete a patient profile and get enrolled in our Naturally Nourished Clinic.  

To accelerate your booking, pre-pay for your consultation by purchasing an initial consult:

Anticipate 8-12 week waitlist      




Anticipate 2-4 week waitlist

Becki has a masters of science in nutrition and provides the same excellent level of care with clinical success at a more affordable price point and more available consultations. 


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Please note: Payment is due within 48-hours of scheduling your initial consultation to confirm your spot 

Conditions We Address With Great Success


Autoimmune diseases

Candida Albicans, Yeast overgrowth, or Dysbiosis

Cancer prevention/treatment side-effects

Chronic fatigue

Detoxification/Liver disease

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Digestive disorders (IBS, Crohn’s, Diverticulosis)

Metabolic disease and imbalanced cholesterol


Food allergies/intolerances


Healthy weight and metabolism

Hormonal imbalance


Inflammation and joint pain

Stress and Anxiety

Sugar Cravings

Other stubborn conditions involving inflammation or toxicity

Please note: We do not work with restrictive or binge-purge eating disorders

More about our approach:

Food-as-medicine is the understanding that food can serve as a contributor to disease and dysfunction or as a driver for optimal organ function and disease treatment or prevention. By avoiding inflammatory, processed, toxic ingredients and food-like-substances through a whole foods based diet, you are beginning to experience the benefits of food as medicine. However, Ali and Becki can help you to take it further by enhancing your diet with food-as-medicine through the addition of therapeutic ingredients that promote healthy function and lead to optimal metabolic balance. With the use of food-as-medicine, you can gain a multitude of treatments for a single intention without the undesired side effects of a mono-focused medication.

Functional medicine works to identify and treat the cause of a condition rather than silence the symptoms. We focus on improving the health and wellness of the whole person instead of a quick fix with medication which may contribute to additional health issues by causing side effects. Ali and Becki treat the body as a whole, discovering the imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic dysfunction that regulate your system and are all too often overlooked in a standard model of health care. By strategic use of laboratory assessments, food-as-medicine, mind-body counseling, and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplementation, we can address and correct these underlying issues to promote better health and functionality.

Working with a functional dietitian can help you achieve wellness with natural disease prevention to improve conditions, reduce medications, and ultimately restore balance within your body!


We take pride in authentically connecting with clients to see them where they are at, listen to their needs, and motivate them to make the necessary changes for results!

“From the first meeting I knew that Becki was the person I needed, the person to help me regain my life! Her personal commitment to my health, starting along with me on this journey, was enough to lift me up from the bottom.”

Kate S. 

“Ali is the perfect fit for me and I love that the emotional and spiritual aspect is combined with the dietary. Ali is a truly remarkable woman, gifted, intelligent, kind and committed. I will recover with her help!”

Marie M.

We are thorough in our approach and have the unique ability to explain complex biochemistry and physiology to help you understand what is happening in your body and how you can support balance.

"Ali’s knowledge of nutrition and its effects on the mental, physical, emotional health, and disease of individuals outshines others in the field! She is able to bring the point home, while holding her audience’s riveted attention.”

Noemi Peterson, MSN, MPH, RN UT School of Nursing

“Becki’s biochemical knowledge along with her repertoire of great recipes is a unique combination. With confidence, I would highly recommend Becki to any friend, family member, or patient!”

Nancy S. Registered Nurse 

We provide clear protocols and plans along with tasty recipes that your whole family will love!

“Becki was exactly what I needed to push my somewhat healthy lifestyle to the next level. She helped me understand the impact of my food choices...and took the time to understand my lifestyle and preferences so I didn't feel restricted. Becki is very enthusiastic with her work and makes you feel like you have a true partner in your journey to better health.”

Sandy L.

“I thought I ate healthy.  I’ve been doing it for 10+ years now working with various nutritionists, trainers, and medical professionals. After becoming a client at Naturally Nourished, I now know what truly eating healthy means and understand now why eating clean is so important.  Ali also encouraged me to make recipes which are so easy, tasty and not that hard.  Eating processed foods is no longer within my lifestyle.  I eat real, one-ingredient foods mostly and cook the rest. I even make all of my own salad dressings now! I feel vibrant!”

Robbie P. 


We work to ensure we are able to provide affordable pricing for the caliber of services offered. When evaluating your investment in your work with Naturally Nourished Clinic, consider the cost of illness. 

Annually, direct health care costs for a patient with chronic disease average $6,032, approximately 5 times that of a person without a chronic disease. The cost of disease beyond the financial impact extends to quality of life by impacting energy levels, pain, ability, and overall life experience which is invaluable!

A comprehensive plan in our clinic may range from $1300-3500 in one year of support depending on the amount of labs, nutritional supplements, and follow-up consultations required. However, not only will this investment aid in preventing and managing chronic disease, but working with us will improve your quality of life with increased energy levels, reduced pain, enhanced capabilities, managed mood and anxiety, and more! 


Do you take insurance?

As a functional medicine practicioner, to say we practice “out- side the box” is an understatement, but then again that is why you are seeking our care! We work with each patient to discover the underlying mechanisms of imbalance and address the root causes of conditions with food-as-medicine. Unfortunately the standard medical model and insurance companies are not up to speed on advanced functional testing, medical nutrition therapy, and the use of nutritional compounds to aid in optimal outcomes. We practice evidence based care not institutionalized care and enjoy the freedom to do so without constraints of an insurance company. Thank you for understanding my positioning on this and valuing the work the Naturally Nourished team will put into your unique case!

Do you offer programs or packages with savings?

Yes we do! However, all clients need to start with an initial consultation. From this session your practitioner will create a protocol and plan that will include recommendations in packages and support. Feel free to check out our pricing structure here for Ali and here for Becki.

The History of the Naturally Nourished Clinic

Ali on microphone

The Naturally Nourished clinic, owned and operated by Ali Miller RD, opened its doors in 2011 as a functional nutrition clinic in Houston, TX. By 2014 we were expanding our office and serving thousands of people with 3 full time practitioners as well as evening food-as-medicine cooking classes and ketosis programs. In 2015 when Ali was pregnant with her daughter Stella, she shifted priorities to slow down the regional growth and shift to a virtual business model that would allow more freedom to balance motherhood with her passion.

Currently Ali, along with Becki Yoo, RD, LD, MS serve as lead clinicians working with patients virtually using webcasting or phone. Together they host The Naturally Nourished Podcast and Youtube Channel providing your food-as-medicine resource for free! Both Ali and Becki are extremely passionate about serving virtual clients to support complex medical cases providing functional medicine interventions and lab assessments. 

How Do I Get Started?

As you await your initial consultation, get started by familiarizing yourself with our dietary approach!

Purchase The Anti-Anxiety Diet, The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook, Eat Fat Get Skinny, or Naturally Nourished ebook as a way to understand an anti-inflammatory, gut supporting approach to eating.

Join our 12-week Virtual Food-as-Medicine Ketosis Program which is available on demand to watch at your own pace. This is a great way to learn about ketosis, a food-as-medicine approach to diet, functional medicine interventions, and supplement recommendations. 

Layer in supplements!

Take our Quiz to determine a customized place to start or a bundle that would be the greatest value. 

Check out our Protocols! This is a section of our website that we are currently expanding but you can start to explore under the Learn tab protocols that incorporate lifestyle, diet, and supplement support for specific conditions or undesired symptoms. 

Listen to our podcast Naturally Nourished on iTunes, spotify, google play, stitcher, or the clinic website to learn about recommendations for a particular topic or condition. Show notes contain direct product recommendations to help you start to see results as soon as possible.

Dig deeper! Order advanced functional labs

Check out our functional medicine lab offerings to dig deeper. Your purchase will come with a kit that is shipped to your home and directions on where to go for blood draw or how to collect saliva, urine, or stool. You will be emailed your results along with a customized email review from Ali or Becki including direct supplement and dietary recommendations. 

Which Website Do I Need? 

Supplements, labs, virtual classes, books can be purchased on this website alimillerRD.com, but if you are looking for consults, blog, or podcast go on over to our clinic website at www.naturallynourishedrd.com