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The Naturally Nourished Clinic has worked with thousands of clients serving to address the root causes of chronic conditions and stubborn symptoms. We work with advanced labs and functional medicine approaches using an individualized template for best patient results.

The History of the Naturally Nourished Clinic

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The Naturally Nourished clinic, owned and operated by Ali Miller RD, opened its doors in 2011 as a functional nutrition clinic in Houston, TX. By 2014 we were expanding our office and serving thousands of people with 3 full time practitioners as well as evening food-as-medicine cooking classes and ketosis programs. In 2015 when Ali was pregnant with her daughter Stella, she shifted priorities to slow down the regional growth and shift to a virtual business model that would allow more freedom to balance motherhood with her passion.

Currently Ali, along with Becki Yoo, RD, LD, MS serve as lead clinicians working with patients virtually using webcasting or phone. Together they host The Naturally Nourished podcast and youtube channel providing your food-as-medicine resource for free! Both Ali and Becki hold a 3-6 month waitlist and full client load serving to support complex medical cases providing functional medicine interventions and lab assessments. As there is a long waitlist to become a client, here are some things to consider in advance of working with us as a patient. 

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How Do I Get Started?

Start with diet! Before seeking a consultation, ensure you are familiar with our dietary approach. 

Purchase The Anti-Anxiety Diet, The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook, Eat Fat Get Skinny, or Naturally Nourished ebook as a way to understand an anti-inflammatory, gut supporting approach to eating.

Join our 12-week Virtual Food-as-Medicine Ketosis Program which runs 3 times a year. This is a great way to learn about ketosis, a food-as-medicine approach to diet, functional medicine interventions, and get interaction directly with Ali and Becki through bi-weekly webinars and a private facebook community.

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Layer in supplements!

Take our Quiz to determine a customized place to start or a bundle that would be the greatest value. 

Check out our Protocols! This is a section of our website that we are currently expanding but you can start to explore under the Learn tab protocols that incorporate lifestyle, diet, and supplement support for specific conditions or undesired symptoms. 

Listen to our podcast Naturally Nourished on iTunes, spotify, google play, stitcher, or the clinic website to learn about recommendations for a particular topic or condition. Show notes contain direct product recommendations to help you start to see results as soon as possible.

Dig deeper! Order advanced functional labs

Go to the clinic website to order labs to dig deeper. Your purchase will come with a kit that is shipped to your home and directions on where to go for blood draw or how to collect saliva, urine, or stool and your results will come with a customized email review from Ali or Becki.

Become a client

If you have been following a protocol and are using Naturally Nourished supplements for >6 months with limited results and you are ready to order a lab but know you still need more then fill out this form to apply to become a client and prepay to get on our 3-5 month waitlist.  

Which Website Do I Need? 

Supplements, virtual classes and books can be purchased on this website alimillerRD.com, but if you are looking for labs, consults, blog, or podcast go on over to our clinic website at www.naturallynourishedrd.com

the Naturally Nourished website is home to our blog, podcast and virtual clinic