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We’ve rounded up all of our favorite products from food and beverage, to household needs, to wellness and body products all in one place! All items below have been tested by me personally in my own home and I find them to be valuable tools to support you in your wellness journey! Many of the items below have special discount codes or discounts associated with using the link I’ve provided.


Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines sources only the finest natural wines that are lab tested for residual sugars and sulfites. They source from small, organic family farms and have strict standards that do not allow any of the 70+ additives normally found in conventional wines! We love that their wines are keto friendly and can attest to their no hangover claims (when enjoyed within reason of course)!

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 bone broth


Fond Bone Broth

We are obsessed with FOND Bone Broth Tonics, Your Sous Chef in a Jar. FOND Bone Broth is slow simmered and lovingly tended from simmer to seal. They partner with organic farms and hand-pick and pair ingredients to optimize absorption and taste.

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 carnivore snax


Carnivore Snax

Carnivore Snax contain just 2 ingredients of delicious: high quality meat and Redmond Real Salt. We love that they are a Pro-America brand sourced in the US from farmers who practice regenerative agriculture. The texture is amazing, dehydrated slow and low to retain most bioavailable nutrients and optimal texture that some have called "meat pastry". Our favorites are the Ribeye, Pork Loin, NY Strip, Eye of Round, Chicken Sliders and Brisket! Great for getting your protein in on a busy day, travel and preventing low blood sugar meltdowns in toddlers and adults alike.

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Sunlighten Sauna

Sunlighten Sauna

Sunlighten’s Signature II home sauna offers clinically proven backed infrared sauna benefits like lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification and more – all from the comfort of your home. Nine heaters provide the most effective highest quality and quantity of far infrared heat available, and our proprietary design produces virtually no EMF. The Signature II far infrared sauna seats up to two people, and a removable bench allows for full use of floor space for yoga or stretching. Optional premium add-ons include acoustic resonance therapy, chromotherapy lighting, natural sauna cleaners and more.

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The Ali Miller RD Amazon Store is jam-packed with favorite pantry staples, snacks, kitchen equipment, and wellness products! These are some of my favorites on Amazon:

Stainless Steel Baking Sheets

Stainless Steel Bowls

Lunchbots Lunchbox



This brand is on a mission to make effective products that are still clean. They make everything from soaps and lotions to makeup and hair products. We are partial to their lipsticks and mascara and their Five Minute Face is a serious game changer for those of us who are makeup minimalists but still want a fresh look! 

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Cultures for Health

My go-to for everything sourdough! They also have Kombucha and yogurt starter cultures.

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 Wild Foods


Wild Foods

Wild Foods is a food company that puts quality, sustainability, and health first in all of their products. They have everything from coffee to turmeric to medicinal mushrooms, and every single product is painstakingly sourced from small farms around the globe. They take their mission seriously to fix the broken food system, and believe real food is medicine. Some favorites are their Wild Vanilla Bean Powder, Wild Matcha, loose leaf tea blends, and Cocotropic powder that contains mushrooms, turmeric, cacao and maca. 

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Peak State Coffee

We love Peak State Coffee, makers of coffee with real health benefits! Are you a coffee drinker seeking a healthier option but don't want to quit your ritual? Enjoy whole bean coffee infused with adaptogenic mushrooms to boost your brain, support gut health, and balance stress, all while keeping the taste you love. With 500mg lion's mane, reishi, chaga, and more per serving, you’ll love this delicious coffee that is also chemical free, mold free, non-GMO, and low acid. Peak State was key for me as I am both sensitive to the acidity and jitters of other coffee, not only is it tolerated but I enjoy the cognitive clarity.  

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Redmond Real Salt

Salt is chemical bridge of flavor. When making fermented vegetables, salt is integral in creating a brine which regulates the pH to support probiotic culture growth and protect against pathogens. It is important to choose a non-chlorinated salt to avoid sterility and Redmond Real Salt is superior as it is rich in trace minerals and mined from ancient sea salt in caves reducing the risk of polluted waters as exposure concerns with newly harvested sea salt. This is the salt we use in our home for legit everything and their mini shakers are the perfect option for keeping electrolytes balanced during travel! 

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Pique Tea

This is an awesome and convenient option that takes tea drinking to the next level! Pique comes in individual packets of tea crystals and is made via a cold brew crystallization process that extracts up to 2-3 times the catechins compared to standard brewing in hot water. It is triple screened for toxicity so you can rest assured you are not consuming heavy metals, pesticides or mold. What I love about Pique is that you can add the crystals to hot or cold water, zero bags, and zero brewing for a perfect cup every time! This is a fantastic way to work more tea into your diet, both for reaping its health benefits outlined above and to up hydration status! And the best part, Pique has moved away from the use of non-caloric sweeteners in their products making this a keto friendly choice and a great tool for intermittent fasting!

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 Bone broth

Bonafide Provisions

Bonafide makes frozen bone broth from pasture-raised, grass-fed bones and is flash frozen with zero preservatives or pasteurization. The best part is, it is TRUE bone broth, meaning you can tell it is rich in gut supporting collagen and gelatin, unlike other store bought brands. We keep this in the freezer for “bone broth emergencies” when you just can’t make a fresh batch in time and recommend sipping on a cup of bone broth daily!

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Santa Cruz Medicinals

We love Santa Cruz Medicinals, makers of potent and affordable CBD with effective dosing. The CBD market has exploded and there are many products on the market that just aren't potent or pure. We trust Santa Cruz Medicinals to provide CBD products with an effective dose that gets you results! Whether looking for anti-inflammatory support, reduction of anxiety, or to optimize your sleep, they have some great CBD tinctures, capsules and topical products. 

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KetoMojo Ketone Meter

We recommend KetoMojo as your best meter option if you are looking to go deeper into blood ketone testing and get more accurate data vs. urine strips. This is especially important if doing keto for neurological health and the meter has the ability to test both glucose and ketones. This is the meter we most frequently recommend to participants in our Virtual Ketosis Program and both Becki and myself have and love it!

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We are huge fans of Nutrisense, providing Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) that provide you with real-time glucose data and an easy to use phone app that helps you combine and visualize your glucose data with all of your daily activities as well as personalized recommendations on how to improve your health. 

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 Fertility Monitor

Daysy Fertility Monitor

Daysy tells you when you are in your fertile window and when not as well as if you are ovulating. During your fertile window you can choose to plan a pregnancy, use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy, or postpone PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex to avoid pregnancy. Daysy calculates your fertile window with an accuracy of 99.4% allowing you and your partner to breathe easy and enjoy sex if not looking to get pregnant and adding a layer of fun (and nerdy science) if looking to conceive!

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 Branch Basics

Branch Basics Toxin-Free Cleaning Products

Branch Basics Cleaning Products are plant and mineral based, free of harmful preservatives, biodegradable and not tested on animals. Their multi-purpose concentrate allows you to dilute to your desired concentration for various surfaces around the house, making their products less expensive and more sustainable than single-use products. I love that I can use these with zero trepidation while cleaning with Stella!

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 cbd suppositories

Foria CBD Suppositories

Foria CBD Suppositories deliver potent anti-inflammatory effects right where you need them! Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort with these all-natural CBD suppositories, designed for vaginal and anal use. These small, easy-to-insert suppositories melt and absorb to target discomfort associated with menstrual cycles & pelvic floor conditions, interstitial cystitis, painful sex and more. They are also appropriate for rectal use for those with inflammatory bowel conditions. 

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 water filter

Radiant Life Water Filtration

Radiant Life provides water filtration options ranging from countertop options to under sink and whole house Reverse Osmosis filtration so you can rest assured that your family is drinking clean water! 

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 Nakano Knives

Nakano Knives

Nakano Knives offers strong and durable kitchen knives that are ultra sharp and perfect for cutting almost anything! The handle is comfortable and designed to prevent your hand from getting tired and the non-slip grip ensures you won’t lose control of your knife. 

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Looking for something else? The Ali Miller RD Amazon Store is jam-packed with favorite pantry staples, snacks, kitchen equipment, and wellness products!

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