Probiotic Challenge

probiotic challenge

Not sure if you are in a state of balance or overgrowth in your microbiome? This is a simple way to see if your gut microbiome is lacking beneficial bugs, overburdened in yeast or dysbiosis, or rocking and rolling just as is!

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Beat the Bloat

beat the bloat gut cleanse

Are you suffering from bacteria imbalance? Did you fail the probiotic challenge? This is the protocol we use to support dysbiosis, SIBO, or Candida overgrowth as a gut cleanse. 

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Immune Support for Cold, Flu & Virus  

immune support

Looking to enhance the power of your body's immune system? This protocol includes support for phlegm, mucous, upper respiratory health, and other symptoms of cold, flu, and virus while ensuring your body's army is set to defend. 

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Seasonal Allergy Protocol

Seasonal allergies occur when environmental allergens trigger IgE antibody production.  These molecules cause mast cells and basophils to release histamine and other allergy-mediating molecules, which lead to inflammation of the nasal airways and eyes, itching, swelling and mucus production.

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Estrogen Dominance Protocol

Estrogen dominance is either the excess of estrogen circulating in the body or the dominance of estrogen due to insufficient levels of countering hormones such as testosterone or progesterone.

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Pre and Post Surgical Protocol

There are an estimated 50 million inpatient surgeries yearly in the US ranging from ACL reconstruction to hip replacement to GI surgery and beyond. This is a time that we have to 'surrender' somewhat to conventional medicine but we can also support the body pre and post surgery for best outcomes and a faster recovery using food-as-medicine and targeted nutritional supplementation.

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Constipation Protocol

Having a daily bowel movement is so important to overall health and our poop can tell us so much about digestion, absorption, bacterial overgrowth and inflammatory status in the body! In the Naturally Nourished Clinic, there is an entire section of a new client intake dedicated to digestion and 10+ questions about poop!

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