Probiotic Challenge

probiotic challenge

Not sure if you are in a state of balance or overgrowth in your microbiome? This is a simple way to see if your gut microbiome is lacking beneficial bugs, overburdened in yeast or dysbiosis, or rocking and rolling just as is!

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Beat the Bloat

beat the bloat gut cleanse

Are you suffering from bacteria imbalance? Did you fail the probiotic challenge? This is the protocol we use to support dysbiosis, SIBO, or Candida overgrowth as a gut cleanse. 

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Immune Support for Cold, Flu & Virus  

immune support

Looking to enhance the power of your body's immune system? This protocol includes support for phlegm, mucous, upper respiratory health, and other symptoms of cold, flu, and virus while ensuring your body's army is set to defend. 

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