Probiotic Challenge Protocol

Your gut bacteria have a significant role on your mood, digestive, and whole body health. When in optimal balance the gut is in a state of symbiosis and when the gut bacteria is off due to inadequate probiotics or overgrowth of pathogenic bad strains the gut is in a state of dysbiosis.


Gut Bacteria

Testing for dysbiosis with a probiotic challenge

Often times with Candida, dysbiosis, or bacterial overgrowth, probiotic foods and supplements will not be tolerated well as there is a battle of the bad bacteria fighting against the probiotic introduction. By using a guaranteed live probiotic formula with potent colony forming units (CFU) to challege the gut, you can determine if you are in a state of sterility benefiting and improving with adding in to your evening, symbiosis if no change, and dysbiosis if decline.

Restore: Baseline Probiotic offers a 50:50 blend of lacto and bifido probiotic strains to support the bowel without fermentable fiber that can throw off gut bacteria. This makes it a great probiotic to use in a “test” of tolerance.

This challenge is an easy and cost-effective way to evaluate the need to dig deeper with a cleanse or determine what probiotic formula is right for you.

probiotic challenge with restore baseline probiotic and measuring tape

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Grab a sewing tape, a notebook and a bottle of our Restore: Baseline Probiotic.
Step 2: Take your waist circumference measurement at your belly button for three days in a row from rise to rest and record.
Step 3: Start probiotic at 1 capsule at bed for 3 days. Continue to measure waist circumference at rise and at rest.
Step 4: Increase by 1 capsule capsule every 3 days until you meet 4 per night at day 10 of active probiotic challenge (not counting initial reads without probiotic)
Step 5: Try to continue at 4 per night for 3 days. Note changes in waist circumference as well as any changes in GI cramping, bowel movements, belching, or gas during challenge. Continue taking probiotic 1 at bed if well tolerated.

If NO CHANGE, you are likely in a symbiotic state. Refill with Restore Baseline Probiotic and continue with 1 at bed to support optimal health.

IF SYMPTOMS IMPROVE with increased use at 4 capsules at bed, you are likely in a sterilized state. Refill with our Targeted Strength Probiotic which equates 4 Baseline pills in one at 60 billion CFU per capsule.

IF SYMPTOMS WORSEN with increased use, you are likely in a dysbiotic state and need to do our Beat the Bloat Candida and Dysbiosis Cleanse! If wanting to dig deeper and correlate your symptoms, take this Candida Quiz!

Download this worksheet to accompany your challenge and record your results!

Still not sure what probiotic you need? 

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Check out our video!

We review common signs of gut dysbiosis or bacteria imbalance and how you can do a simple probiotic challenge to assess the state of your microbiome!

Lab assessments such as a SIBO breath test or a stool test can be expensive, unpleasant and invasive. A simple probiotic challenge is an easy and affordable assessment you can do in the comfort of your own home to gather data on the state of your gut!

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