Our Philosophy and Our Team

Optimal health and wellness is the greatest gift. It is often difficult to decipher how or when we may have lost it and fallen off track, but I am passionate about helping you to find your root cause. At alimillerRD.com we are committed to helping you find your way back to wellness learning how to thrive vs. simply survive!  


A message from Ali Miller RD: I am passionate about food-as-medicine and the real food movement. Everything you eat provides a signal to your body leading to optimal functiona or disease. Your body requires nutrients to perform all of its physiological processes and when biochemical reactions are lacking necessary nutrients based on demand, your health greatly suffers. 

When I started Naturally Nourished, my functional nutrition practice in 2011, I never expected it to expand at the rate it did. Within the first two years, I had thousands of clients and multiple practitioners on staff. I quickly learned that there is a great need for functional nutrition and food-as-medicine information, resources, and interventions. As the real food community grew with both the paleo and then keto movement, people were becoming aware of things like gluten intolerance, leaky gut, autoimmune protocols, and adrenal fatigue and seeking solutions but often being underserved with generalized starting points and fad diets lacking a tailored approach from a functional medicine practitioner.

I worked to gather all of the most successful supplements used in over a decade of successful clinical practice to private label a supplement line, Naturally Nourished by Ali Miller RD, in 2014. My mission is to provide safe, quality assessed, clinically effective formulas addressing the various symptoms of imbalance in the body.

My protocols highlight rebounding your adrenals, mellowing your mood, balancing hormones, resetting your gut microbiome, reducing inflammation, repairing leaky gut….and so much more to work upstream and enhance your body’s function. 
Ali Miller RD and Stella in kitchen

I am a mother, a wife, a friend, an autoimmune warrior, functional medicine practitioner, and dietitian. I believe we can greatly impact our lives with use of quality targeted supplements and food-as-medicine approaches.

These are the products and protocols that I use personally in my home and with thousands of my clients successfully in The Naturally Nourished Clinic, I invite you to join in to begin to elevate your health.

What is functional medicine and why supplements?

Functional medicine works to identify and treat the cause of a condition rather than silence the symptoms. We focus on improving on the health and wellness of the whole person instead of a quick fix with medication which may contribute to additional health issues by causing side effects. We treat the body as a whole, discovering the imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic dysfunction that regulate your system and are all too often overlooked in a standard model of health care. By strategic use of functional laboratory and symptom assessments, food-as-medicine protocols, mind-body work, and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplementation, we can address and correct these underlying issues to promote better health and optimize function in the body and mind.

Bio-C Plus Naturally Nourished Supplements

All too often a medication is prescribed for a condition that can be corrected by repleting a micronutrient deficiency, reducing the tax on your HPA-axis of stress, or rebalancing your microbiome. I created Naturally Nourished supplements by Ali Miller RD so that you can correct the targeted symptom or condition while correcting the driving cause aiding in other favorable outcomes. For example, when you use vitamin C with bioflavonoids as found in my Bio-C Plus, this can support cortisol regulation for adrenal and stress health, while boosting immune system function, reducing oxidative stress, and it may also pleasantly aid in collagen formation in the skin supporting more elasticity. 

Rather than leading to undesired side effects and causing a chain reaction of more medication need, quality nutrition based supplements can address the symptoms and conditions from the root cause while providing a multitude of beneficial outcomes. Our commitment is to provide products that yield clinical outcomes in a platform that supports your goals to elevate your health. Naturally Nourished supplements provide: Purity, Potency, and Efficacy at a value you can’t beat! To learn more about our products and why they are superior click here.

Family owned and passion operated!

Ali Miller RD team

Brady Miller has been the backbone of Naturally Nourished and Ali Miller RD since conception, supporting Ali in every decision and struggle. In 2015 he joined the team full-time and balances administrative tasks, finances, business organization, order fulfillment, shipping, and anything else that Ali is overwhelmed with! You can hear him as the Naturally Nourished Podcast intro and outro grooving us into a new topic each week serving as producer and editor as well as renowned critic of recipes in the Miller home.

We officially welcomed Becki Yoo, MS, RD, LD into the family as partner and co-owner of our supplement line after years of dedication to the mission and demonstrated success in the clinic. Becki and Ali have been synergizing and creating magic since 2013 when Becki started photographing and posting recipes on the blog. She was a valuable player in the creation of Naturally Nourished: food-as-medicine for optimal health and photographed Ali’s 2019 release, The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook. In 2017 Becki took over as co-host of the Naturally Nourished Podcast and she and Ali have been having powerful conversations every week ever since, sharing functional medicine approaches and food-as-medicine solutions with over 50k unique downloads per episode.

Becki is constantly seeking solutions to health complexities. She completed her Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is committed to expanding her knowledge of functional medicine interventions to best meet her clients’ diverse needs. She is a passionate healer and clinical thinker with a creative flare making complex topics come to life through imagery and art. Ali and Becki provide a brunette-blonde duo approach with sass and relatability through their podcast episodes and to-be released weekly video content on Ali’s youtube channel, Naturally Nourished.

Ali Becki cooking

Byron Yoo is Becki's husband and newest team member. As a chemical engineer by education and film producer by passion, Byron brings a unique skillset that helps us creative healers look at more microscopic details and quantitative approaches with business management while ensuring our message is conveyed and shared in a way that is enjoyable and visually appealing.

We are honored to play a role in your wellness journey and are excited to hear about your successes when you elevate your health with Naturally Nourished products.  

Ali Miller RD team