General Shipping

We are pumped about your purchase and want to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. We aim to process orders within 1-2 business days*. You will receive an email notification after you place your order and again when your order has shipped.

*Occasional delays may occur due to stock availability, storewide sales, and unforeseeable weather conditions. 

Flat-rate $7.95 or $14.95 shipping applies to priority shipping on all orders. Priority shipping is free on orders over $175. The cost of shipping is calculated after promo codes and applicable taxes have been applied. Unfortunately at this time we only offer shipping to the US.

Overnight shipping is priced based on zip code and is recommended in summer months for heat sensitive items such as probiotics. During these months you will be notified if selecting a heat sensitive item. Please note: every year we offer a Beat the Heat promo to pre-purchase your summer and heat sensitive needs with buy 2 get 1 half off! 

Overnight and priority shipping excludes weekends. Overnight orders placed prior to 11am CST arrive the next business day. Orders placed before 11am CST Friday will arrive Monday.

Online programs, eCourses, and eBooks that do not require shipping will be made available after your order is received unless release or start date is noted. 

Probiotic Shipping

If this is your first time getting a Naturally Nourished Probiotic, you might be asking yourself: wait, doesn't this need to be shipped on ice? The short answer is, no, we guarantee potency up to 122 degrees! Read on to learn more.
Our Commitment to the Environment

We have made the conscious decision to skip gel ice packs and Styrofoam with our probiotic shipments. This decision has been supported by our continued selection of strains that can beat the heat, updates to manufacturing, and new studies that show the latest science on how probiotics can be shipped safely.

We recognize that the decisions we make have effects that extend far beyond the practitioner-client relationship. We are asking more of ourselves by using less. By removing gel ice packs and non-recyclable Styrofoam from these packages, the footprint that we will leave behind just got smaller. By skipping the gel packs and ice, we reduce the amount of plastic and styrofoam making its way into our landfills, oceans and environment each year.  

Our Commitment to You

Holiday Shipping

Make sure you get your orders in by midnight of the Order By dates to assure you get them before the holidays.  These order deadlines are guidelines, not guarantees as carrier and weather delays beyond our control may occur.

Delivery by the Holidays guidelines