Why Our Products

Naturally Nourished supplements provide: Purity, Potency, and Efficacy at a value you can’t beat!

Supplements are powerful tools. Under the guidance of a trusted practitioner and in a potent effective delivery, they can deliver profound health benefits. I am passionate about empowering you with how to use these pharmaceutical-grade formulas to yield clinical outcomes in your body by providing protocols, detailed videos and descriptions, supplement quizzes, and deep dive explanations on my podcast, Naturally Nourished. 

I strive to stay on the forefront of emerging science to deliver innovative formulas that set the standard with the most effective and therapeutic nutritional products available.

What sets Naturally Nourished products apart?

Potency: this means you are getting a powerful dosage per serving
Clinical Results: all products are Pharmaceutical grade due to my medical license you are able to access products that are not available over the counter
Synergistic Formulas: each product has a specific form of the featured ingredient to ensure best absorption
Tested: third party tested for potency and purity including mold, toxic metals, contaminants, and confirming active ingredient is in amount stated in label including IG guaranteed CFU in probiotics
Pure: Non-GMO, Free of Additives, Dyes, Preservatives, Soy-free, Gluten-free

Note: Any glandular or animal based product is free of growth hormone and antibiotic while being quality sourced such as my grassfed whey. The whole line is also dairy-free with exception of our grassfed whey. 

My products wear the GMP seal, meaning Good Manufacturers Practice, which shows my manufacturers have ensured the quality, the purity, and the potency and accuracy. 
All Naturally Nourished Supplements are proudly made in the USA 

High potency for effective outcomes

All supplements in the Naturally Nourished line are pharmaceutical-grade, this means they are only available as prescription through a licensed practitioner and are third party tested for potency and purity. Through my online clinic and education platforms I am able to share access to these formulas that can not be matched from those found on other health food stores or vitamin websites. 

The potency and synergy of my supplements is a key element that sets my line apart from other similar sounding products. Be sure when price comparing you check the active ingredient form and dosage as well as additives and other therapeutic add-ins. These shifts in products can influence potency from 10-100xs.

For example, when looking at our Super Turmeric each capsule provides 1g or 1000mg of Turmeric. My formula is unique in that it combines curcuminoids in three potent forms along with turmeric oil to emuslify and enhance bioavailability. 

Research demonstrates a range of 200-1200mg/day of curcuminoids necessary for various applications with significant benefits, each capsule of my contains a potent 380 mg of pure curcuminoids in each 1g capsule dosage and Super Turmeric has been tested against competitors including products with added black pepper or biopurine. 

Super Turmeric provides a much higher concentration of the active compounds than would be obtainable from food alone. When compared to other turmeric products, its bioavailability is enhanced due to the all-natural patent pending process to emulsify and deliver the active compounds with greater absorption allowing superior effects through lower dosages. 

Our pricing guarantee

We will always price formulas 2-5% below market industry standard and competitors. On top of this we offer subscription discounts at an additional 10% off, bundled discounts at an additional 12% off, and seasonal promotions to ensure quality formulas are accessible.

My goal with Naturally Nourished supplements is to provide you with products that will enhance and reclaim the quality of life for you and your loved ones. Wellness or absence of disease should be your human right and I am here to support you in seeking and addressing the root cause of your body’s imbalances.

I am on a mission to ensure the products I offer to you through my Naturally Nourished supplement line are of the greatest value you can find as my passion is best expressed through your success and beneficial outcomes.

Our product guarantee

Our supplements will alway be third party assessed to ensure they are free of mold, toxins, contaminants, and contain the stated active ingredients in dosages noted. For every ingredient we source, we require much more than a Certificate of Analysis from the supplier and rigorously test each lot. You’d be surprised to learn how many unregulated products are in the market as the supplement industry is not FDA approved and you want to ensure the product you are investing in is both potent and safe! 

View a sample Certificate of Analysis to see the rigorous testing our products undergo here
 With Naturally Nourished supplements you can count on quality that we personally use for ourselves and our families. From product ingredient selection, raw material sourcing, product formulation, potency regulations and assurances, dietary recommendations, delivery methods, and education we take an active role in providing you the opportunity to reclaim your health.

Synergistic intentional formulas

Every Naturally Nourished supplement contains thought out synergistic formulas that are tested and tried personally by our team as well as by thousands of clients in the Naturally Nourished clinic. Each formula has the most bioavailable forms of nutrients to ensure not only are we providing a potent dosage in a low-allergen formula but that your body knows what to do with the nutrients to get best outcomes. 

Subscriptions and bundles provide additional savings

Subscriptions are an optional way to stay accountable to your wellness protocol maintaining consistency of supplement use while saving 10%. When you set up subscriptions you are committing to a monthly or every other month shipment of the product in set quantities ordered at that recurring time. 


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