Women's Hormone Bundle

Relax and Regulate 30 scoops
BroccoDetox 60 capsules
B Complex 60 capsules

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This hormone balancing bundle is designed for women at all ages and stages of life, whether weaning off hormonal birth control, dealing with estrogen dominance or PCOS, or entering menopause and looking to ease the transition.

$115.19 Regular price $130.90
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Women's Hormone Bundle Supports:

  • Reduction of estrogen dominance
  • Hot flashes and menopause symptoms
  • Recovery from hormonal birth control
  • PCOS and infertility
  • Hormonal balance and detoxification
  • Energy and mood support

How to Take

Relax and Regulate 1 scoop at bed
BroccoDetox 1 twice daily with food
B Complex 1 at rise or breakfast

Subscription & Use Tip

Lasts 1 month with typical use
Please note: bundles are discounted at 12% to provide you an affordable access point. Additional subscription discounts will not be provided on bundles.


  • icon-breastfeeding-safe Safe with breastfeeding
  • icon-pregnant-safe Safe during pregnancy
  • icon-kids-NOTsafe Not safe for kids
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This product also supports

Hormones and Fertility


This bundle is designed to support women’s hormones at all ages and stages, whether dealing with PCOS or estrogen dominance, recovering from long term birth control use or going through menopause. Relax and regulate uses magnesium bis-glycinate and inositol to support estrogen balance, fertility and optimized hormone levels. BroccoDetox helps to reduce symptoms of estrogen dominance, hot flashes and is supportive of detoxification. B complex aids in hormone regulation, supports fertility and is especially important for those who have taken hormonal birth control long term. 

Note: this bundle is meant as complementary support for hormone balance in addition to a daily multivitamin, which you would adjust based on your hormone needs. 

For those trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding, dealing with PCOS, endometriosis, loss of cycle (amenorrhea) or recovering from birth control, add on MultiAvail Mama

For those ages 12+ and having a regular menstrual cycle but not looking to conceive within a year, add on Multidefense with iron.

For those in menopause or age 50+ with 12 months of absent menstrual cycles, add on Multidefense.

Relax and Regulate uses 2 powerful ingredients to release tension in the body and protect against chronic stress signaling, while supporting the regulatory functions of metabolism, hormones, and mood. This potent powder gets into the tight spots of your body for deep neuromuscular relaxation while serving as a bodyguard in your brain, blocking excessive cortisol release and optimizing metabolism and mental health with the use of magnesium bisglycinate and myoinositol. 

BroccoDetox features Brassinase™‡—a unique combination of broccoli ingredients that supply standardized amounts of glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme to help support sulforaphane production. Sulforaphane is a potent activator of the body’s own antioxidant and detoxifying enzymes and is responsible for many positive health benefits associated with broccoli consumption. 

B Complex: This powerful B vitamin combination formula supplies B vitamins in their most bioavailable (coenzymated) forms, so the body does not have to convert (phosphorylate) them in order to be used in biochemical reactions. B vitamins are supportive of energy, metabolism, neurotransmitter balance and methylation support. This formula includes a proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates (5-methyltetrahydrofolate 5-MTHF and 5-formyltetrahydrofolate 5-FTHF). These are safe, natural forms which are quickly and easily utilized by the body. NatureFolate™ provides the proven benefits of optimal folate supplementation without the risks of synthetic folic acid which is not appropriate for individuals with MTHFR genetic mutations. Glycine in the form of TMG and choline are included to support methylation and reduce homocysteine levels.

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Women's Hormone Bundle

Relax and Regulate 30 scoops
BroccoDetox 60 capsules
B Complex 60 capsules