B Complex

60 capsules


Supportive of energy, metabolism, neurotransmitter balance and methylation while regulating hormones and cellular health
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Benefits of B-Complex

  • Enhanced energy
  • Metabolic support
  • Hormone regulation
  • Mood support
  • Neurotransmitter balance
  • Red blood cell formation
  • Proper cellular function

How to Take

1 daily at rise or breakfast

Subscription & Use Tip

Contains 60 capsules which lasts 2 months with typical use.

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  • icon-breastfeeding-safe Safe with breastfeeding
  • icon-pregnant-safe Safe during pregnancy
  • icon-kids-safe Safe for Kids
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This powerful B vitamin combination formula supplies B vitamins in their most bioavailable (coenzymated) forms, so the body does not have to convert (phosphorylate) them in order to be used in biochemical reactions.

B vitamins are supportive of energy, metabolism, neurotransmitter balance and methylation support. This formula includes a proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates (5-methyltetrahydrofolate 5-MTHF and 5-formyltetrahydrofolate 5-FTHF).

These are safe, natural forms which are quickly and easily utilized by the body. NatureFolate™ provides the proven benefits of optimal folate supplementation without the risks of synthetic folic acid which is not appropriate for individuals with MTHFR genetic mutations. Glycine in the form of TMG and choline are included to support methylation and reduce homocysteine levels.

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B Complex

60 capsules