Advanced Metabolic Panel

Lab Kit


A cost-savings bundle of necessary and advanced blood tests to assess organ and metabolic function to support your weight loss journey!

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This Panel Includes:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • DHEA-s
  • HgbA1C%
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • Anti-TPO Antibodies
  • Reverse T3
  • Vitamin D


This purchase includes the lab kit and results along with a customized email interpretation including highlights, clinical considerations, and supplement suggestions by a registered dietitian trained in functional medicine to implement a plan on your own or with your practitioner. This package does not make you an active patient at Naturally Nourished clinic.



A cost-savings bundle of necessary + advanced blood tests to assess organ and metabolic function to support your weight loss journey!

Are you struggling with weight loss and want to know if something is metabolically “off”? Are you about to embark on ketosis and want to know your body’s baseline? Have you been told your labs are “normal”? Do you have a personal or family history risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease?

The Advanced Metabolic panel includes assessments to look at liver, kidney health and how your body processes protein. As well as assessing your body’s stress hormone and sexual hormone builder DHEA a compound that is essential in building ketones a fuel source for a low carbohydrate diet approach. It will also look at a 3 month average of blood sugars and systemic inflammation level. Rather than just providing a snapshot of your thyroid function via your thyroid stimulating hormone, this panel will look at both the active and inactive form of your thyroid hormone as well as the breaks for your metabolism that can be elevated due to stress rT3 and TPO a marker inflammation to the gland with autoimmune activity.


What happens next? 

Once you purchase your lab, please be on the lookout for a follow-up email from Brady. He will need the name and date of birth of the person who is running the lab in order to drop ship your kit. To accelerate the process, you can email this information directly to upon purchase. 

Brady will provide information on locating a draw site for any blood draws or further instructions for collection and shipping of stool, saliva, and urine specimen kits. You will also get a brief form to fill out to provide information on goals of running this lab, current diagnosis or symptoms, supplements and medications, and diet recall. Please fill this out so that we can customize your lab review as much as possible. 

Your lab will likely take 2-3 weeks to process once received by the lab. You will get a direct email from Ali or Becki that includes your results, a brief interpretation, and direct supplement recommendations. 

Advanced Metabolic Panel

Lab Kit