Naturally Nourished: Food as Medicine for the Whole Family Program

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A comprehensive program to support wellness for your whole family! With 5+ hours of video content, 20+ handouts and 100+ hours of curated podcast and video resources, this program will empower you to make food as medicine a reality for your household.

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Your Food as Medicine for the Whole Family Program Includes:

  • Pantry clean out and reset
  • Getting your family on board with clean eating
  • Learning to work with whole foods
  • Managing your macros
  • Navigating the grocery store and label lingo
  • Essential supplements for optimal health
  • Targeted focus throughout the lifecycle: from fertility through gentle aging
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Natural tools for immune support
A comprehensive program to support wellness for your whole family! 

With over 5+ hours of video content and curation of 100+ hours of resources in videos and podcasts this program has something for everyone in your household! Includes 20+ customizable handouts and 4 weeks of focused meal plans featuring recipes for immune support, hormone balance, mood enhancement and cooking with kids!

This program has 8 jam-packed modules:
  • Food as Medicine 101
  • Making it Happen
  • Mastering Your Macros
  • Cooking with Whole Foods
  • Fertility and Pregnancy through Baby Led Weaning
  • Toddlers and Kids
  • Teens and Adults
  • Wellness

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What People Are Saying!


Naturally Nourished: Food as Medicine for the Whole Family Program

I developed this program after 10 years of private practice watching clients struggle with putting all the pieces together and making changes a reality! 

This program includes the WHY, the WHAT, the HOW! Why food matters, What choices are best for your body with unique worksheets to create a customized protocol for each household member, and How to make dietary and lifestyle changes a reality!

WIth over 5+ hours of video content + curation of 100+ hours of resources in videos and podcasts this program has something for everyone in your household! Includes 4 weeks of meal plans with food as medicine focus, grocery lists, wellness challenges and beyond!

With resources on supporting concentration and focus to mood stability and sports performance, getting your family on a Naturally Nourished meal plan will reduce inflammation, enhance antioxidant and nutrient status, and support healthy metabolic and microbiome health. 

As you go through our program we encourage you to customize materials for each member of your family creating it to their needs and layering in supplemental support to elevate their health.

The biggest thing you will learn about food-as-medicine is that it is a double-edged sword, there is equal importance in what you remove and in what you add in abundance to support optimal nutrition or therapeutic impact. 

From ensuring your carbohydrate intake is managed and blood sugar levels are stabilized to making vegetables taste good and understanding the power of protein, you will be armed with all the resources you need to optimize your health! 

We want to provide your whole household with this valuable tool because we know when you honor and nourish your body, you feel well, you perform better, you are a better parent, a better employee, a better partner, you show up! Beyond preventing disease we want to support your whole household in thriving. 

Welcome to our most comprehensive program to date. We are so proud to offer you this program Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for the Whole Family and honored to play a role in your wellness journey!


With 8 jam-packed modules including:

Module 1: Food as Medicine 101


In this video we will discuss the importance of nutrients and how they impact the function of your body all the way down to your DNA! When your body is imbalanced, providing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as first line defense is key. Nourishing your body with whole real foods and supporting with quality supplementation is key for optimal health. Learn about how Food-as-Medicine is a double edged sword, it is equally about consuming an abundance of health supporting foods while eliminating those that are health depleting. 

In this video we highlight 5 foods to eliminate from your diet! We discuss how pro-inflammatory, toxic, or hormones and metabolic disrupting foods can drive imbalance in your body. You will learn practical ways to identify our top 5 Things to Eliminate including tricky “health products''. Although this video is about removal, we empower you with the best choices for swapouts and replacements to nourish and satisfy all taste buds. 

Module 2: Making it Happen

In this video we cover how we approach grocery shopping from planning your trip to selecting produce and meat to reading labels and ensuring you are purchasing the best quality real, whole food! You get a peak into Ali’s fridge including favorite condiments and staples as well as storage ideas. 

In this video we are going to talk about making it all happen! We will address motivation and accountability as well as ways to navigate clean anti-inflammatory eating in the real world. Learn where a mindful indulgence and alcohol fit as well as supplement tools to aid in detox support, regulate digestion, and reduce cravings to stay on track. From navigating parties and dining out to getting all family members on board, we share practical tips and help navigate common pitfalls to sustainable results with shifting your household to a whole food Naturally Nourished lifestyle. 

Module 3: Mastering Your Macros

In this video we break down our favorite sources of carbs and appropriate portions for optimal health. We will discuss phases of carbohydrate intake from ketosis to low glycemic and how to determine the carbohydrate level that is appropriate for you! Learn about metabolic flexibility, the importance of blood sugar balance, and the best whole food sweetener choices for mindful indulgences. 


In this video we define best protein choices and highlight the importance of quality sourcing and selection. Learn how to calculate your protein needs and how to distribute a typical day of protein intake. We address protein myths, emphasize the importance of protein intake for toddlers through teens, and discuss why plant based protein products don't belong on your plate! 

In this video we discuss the important role of fat for satiety, brain health, hormone balance, and proper cell function. We discuss our favorite fats and best sources and selections. Learn about correct fats for cooking and smoke point as well as those to avoid and how to identify toxic industrialized oils. Fat serves the most flexible lever in optimal wellness based on calorie needs and weight loss goals as well as growth demands. 

Module 4: Cooking with Whole Foods

In this video we discuss putting together your family’s goals into a weekly meal plan and flow. Learn how to use our meal plan matrix and important considerations when laying out your week with a variety of textures, preparation techniques, and time saving tips. We discuss our personal weekly flow from planning to shopping to prep and leftovers including modifying meals for various family members without becoming a short order cook.

In this video Stella joins us to talk about being a Taste Adventuer. We explore a food score sheet and examine each food’s appearance, texture, smell, taste, to demonstrate working with children and teens to troubleshoot food jags and work to expand their palate. Learn about ways to modify foods that aren’t currently enjoyed and ways to motivate your household members to try new wholesome foods. And get your kiddos in the kitchen as Stella teaches how to make kale chips!

In this video we work through the main pitfalls of why people don’t like vegetables and fool proof ways to get family members on board. From selection and purchasing guidance to preparation and cooking techniques, you will learn how to work with a variety of veggies and make them taste amazing. Learn about combinations of flavors and the importance of quality salt and ample fat.

In this video you will learn about the benefits fo consuming leafy greens and essential elements to an optimal salad. We will teach you how to make balanced salad dressings from scratch using fat, acid, salt, and sweet in a variety of combinations while avoiding the additives and toxins in store bought options. 

Module 5: Fertility and Pregnancy through Baby Led Weaning

This section of your program provides resources from fertility and healthy pregnancy to breastfeeding and baby led weaning. You will learn about Ali and Becki’s pregnancies and priorities for a healthy natural process, even covering Ali’s natural C-section or best ways to support medical intervention when needed. Learn about priorities of supplements from mom and baby as well as food-as-medicine goals to support your baby’s health, growth and development.

In this video you will learn about the pitfalls of baby foods and why we advocate for a whole food approach led by baby’s initiatives. Learn about signs of readiness and best first food choices as well as what a day of intake may look like for your 7-12 month old. Watch Becki’s son Noah, at 10 months old, enjoy a nutrient dense meal including organ meatballs, broccoli, low-carb collagen zucchini muffins, and berries. 

Module 6: Toddlers and Kids

This section of your program digs into ways to connect with your toddlers through teens to get them motivated and onboard with healthy eating. Blood sugar balance is a key focus as spikes and crashes can drive behavioral and mood disorders as well as metabolic disease. From packing nutrient dense school lunches to helping kids select balanced snacks we will provide resources to ensure variety and sustained results. 

You will learn techniques on how to get your child or teen out of a “food jag” of same choices all the time and become a Taste Adventurer. Understand how to modify weekly meals to fit various family member’s needs without becoming a short order cook! We provide resources including priorities in conscious communication and working to ensure your kids feel empowered through the process. There are many fun recipes in this section to get your kids in the kitchen and excited to be Naturally Nourished.

In this video Ali and Becki talk about tough love! Standing up to your picky eaters and helping them to channel savory and eat whole real foods is worth the investment of time and energy as you are ultimately setting up your children and teens for success. We navigate barriers to healthy eating and cooking at home. For the junk food eaters, we provide information on the tricks of food marketers and the processed food industry which creates products not whole real foods.

Module 7: Teens and Adults

This section of the program is vast and includes resources from teens through adulthood including support throughout the gentle aging process. We go beyond the general content on food-as-medicine and optimal nutrition into more focused functional medicine providing tools for conditions from stress and anxiety, to sports injury and brain health, to supporting structral health of joints and bones as well as hormones through the aging process. From teen acne to menopause and everything in between, this module is jam packed with resources to manage symptoms and resolve from the root cause.

In this video you will learn about the impact of stress on the brain, mood, and hormones. We address the increased trends in diagnosis of mental illness and ADHD as well as the side effects of the medications being prescribed often in excess and without ensuring ample nutrition or considering supplement alternatives. We discuss why mental illness and concentration issues are occurring and get to the root cause with functional medicine approaches that will empower your loved ones. Learn ways to enhance brain health and manage mood as well as areas to dig deeper via advanced labs and programs. 

Module 8: Wellness

Wellness is not just the absence of disease but the active pursuit of health for optimal function in body and mind, this module provides you resources to stay passionate in the journey and stay inspired. From improving your sleep to increasing your energy levels, improving your digestion to enhancing your immune system and reducing your medication load, this module has resources to take all the foundations of food-as-medicine you’ve learned and round it out for a balanced lifestyle where you can feel amazing in your body. 

In this video you will learn about ways to support your family during times of illness or injury. From how to address a fever to monitoring hydration status and considerations in fasting, you will feel confident in how to support each household member. Learn about commonly used over-the-counter drugs and how they can hinder your immune response while you learn about natural tools to enhance immune response. Get our top tools in our natural medicine cabinet to use for topical applications at times of cuts, bites, or burns to reduce inflammation, infection, and support healthy tissue repair. We discuss top supplements and food-as-medicine tools to aid in fighting virus or bacteria while nourishing your gut, regulating inflammation, and aiding in rebound to whole body health. 

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Naturally Nourished: Food as Medicine for the Whole Family Program

Virtual Program